LIFE Christmas
Bravery Banquet

An event serving those who've chosen LIFE.

December 16th, 2022   |   Las Colinas, TX

Bravery Banquet Gallery
December 2022

Please consider continuing your support for these ministries through prayer and funding so they can continue the relentless work they're called to do.

your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!

Contributions or gifts to LIFE Bravery Banquets are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax Purposes. LIFE (Living In Freedom Experience) is an LLC. However, because LIFE partners with Pro-Life Payments, another 15% of credit card transaction fee revenues are donated to life-supporting organizations. See for more information.

Contact LIFE for more Information or to discuss "in kind" offers TO BLESS THE "BLESSED GUESTS" OR THE MINISTRIES.